Thursday, 17 May 2012

Two Week Wait

The last six days have been emotionally, and a little physically, draining. Finding out on Saturday that only two little eggs fertilised was upsetting but we picked ourselves up and carried on with Monday being our focus.

On Sunday I developed an abdominal pain which was a constant 24hr ache that lasted until about Wednesday when it started to go. I jumped back and forwards from being worried to not being worried until it disappeared throughout the day yesterday. I don't know if it had to do with my egg retrieval or perhaps a side effect of the progesterone, but either way, I'm pleased it's gone!

On Monday we had our strongest little emby put back in to its new cushy home of my uterus. I felt like I should have been lying with my legs in the air for the next 24hrs, but within minutes of it being put back in, we were at a cafe drinking hot chocolate before we both headed back to work. Our nurse did inform us that it won't fall out, but that didn't stop me holding my bladder to its full capacity before I'd allow myself to use the toilet for the first time since the transfer.

I was back on a high and feeling really good. Then on Wednesday we got the phone call to say that our second embryo back in the lab hadn't survived to freeze it. I had mixed emotions. Upset, yet not surprised. I knew if it had been frozen, then chances are it would not have made it through the defrosting process when we were ready to use it. So I guess a little part of me was relieved we got the bad news now instead of when we were counting on it because it was our only embryo left (if this one doesn't stick).

I had a good cry on the phone to mum and it's exactly what I needed to do to make myself feel better. Once it was all out, I was able to think clearly again. It's only our first cycle and if it doesn't happen this time, we'll aim for next time. In saying that, I'm still counting on the little emby in me now to make it through!

A few people have asked me if I feel pregnant or have pregnancy symptoms. The answer is no.....and yes. I'm sure it's too early to have symptoms from a pregnancy, but I definitely have some from the progesterone I'm taking. I've been feeling rather stabby the last few days as well as having zero tolerance and patience. I've gone from being sad and upset one minute, to feeling completely ok the next. It's worse than PMS. Poor Kate.

I've also had really sore boobs to the point where if they're even remotely grazed, I'm ready to throw punches. And another thing I've had the past 48hrs is a really strong sense of smell. I've had to close the vents in the car because the smell of exhaust fumes from other cars in front of me is SO strong. I've also been able to smell the dirty nappy of the toddler I nanny for before she even thinks about dirtying it!

The two week wait is going ok. Doesn't seem to be dragging like I thought it would; it's already Friday! Pretty much halfway there!


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    1. We got a BFP and I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with a boy!! Due feb 2nd. I got lazy with the blog and felt it wasn't coming entirely from the heart due to feeling like I had to censor myself due to judgement, etc. I fell off the blog band wagon! Thanks for checking in. :)